ATEEZ(에이티즈) - 'WAVE' Official MV


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  • Natasya Elinda
    Natasya Elinda  23 less than a minute back

    Awesome song

    • estefany quispe huayhua
      estefany quispe huayhua  55 less than a minute back


      • Xochilt Anaya
        Xochilt Anaya  4 minutes back

        Who’s the one in the blue tye dye shirt?

        • Farah ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

          I only stan BTS and Ninety one but how can I not stan these boys....
          All members of Ateez are supremely talented.. where can I buy their album?? want to support them all the way.

          • 엠마
            엠마  18 minutes back


            • kate lim
              kate lim  19 minutes back


              • Sybil -ly
                Sybil -ly  30 minutes back

                I guess i need to join some group chats for Atiny so we can vote for them together, they deserve 1st win so much. If u guys know some gc, plz tell me

                • foreignswaggers
                  foreignswaggers  33 minutes back

                  2:11 who's his name? woah

                • NAM-NAM
                  NAM-NAM  38 minutes back

                  You are the best , boys

                  • Piqhawi.
                    Piqhawi.  41 minutes back

                    i should recomended this song to other kpopers fans too

                    • peach less
                      peach less  40 minutes back

                      YAAASSSSS PROMOTE THIS BOP LOL

                  • Mansi Singh
                    Mansi Singh  47 minutes back

                    I'm supporting you boysss please come to India

                    • Mansi Singh
                      Mansi Singh  47 minutes back

                      Oh my I love this so much

                      • Decu Wolf
                        Decu Wolf  48 minutes back

                        ATEEZ!!!!! 😍😍❤❤

                        • Siti Anjalia
                          Siti Anjalia  52 minutes back

                          its good

                          • Michalis Papadakis
                            Michalis Papadakis  1 hours back

                            This is my summer jam❤️

                            • Yash
                              Yash  1 hours back

                              I'm so proud of them💙

                              • army T
                                army T  2 hours back

                                I’m seriously on my way into being sucked in by them...but I am most definitely not complaining

                                • Настя Шпаковская


                                  • AD9 S
                                    AD9 S  2 hours back

                                    Uhm atiny WE go for 10m

                                    • leave me alone
                                      leave me alone  2 hours back

                                      I hope people stop sleeping on them. Ateez fighting

                                      • Aurelia rafiandri
                                        Aurelia rafiandri  2 hours back

                                        As a person who is going through a hard time, this song helps a lot. Im very touched by the meaning of the song. Saying dont worry and overcome the problem (wave). It motivates me to keep on going and that im not alone, eventhough they're not physically with me. Everysong in this album have beautiful stories and meaning. Im very proud of our boys. Thank you ateez and thank you atiny for cheering these boys ❤ stan ateez y'all!

                                        • Ermita Huang
                                          Ermita Huang  2 hours back

                                          Who is the green hair??

                                          • AD9 S
                                            AD9 S  2 hours back


                                        • 이핑크
                                          이핑크  2 hours back


                                          • Lynx
                                            Lynx  2 hours back

                                            How many are obsessed with Wave? 💙


                                            • caran berry
                                              caran berry  2 hours back

                                              this song is good i dont know what the genre of this song but it got the tropical house vibe which is my fav genre 👍👍

                                              • Jooni Nam
                                                Jooni Nam  37 minutes back

                                                genre is kpop. boy band type song.

                                            • Starblue العامري

                                              ررروعةATEEZ اغنية بعد اغنية تبهروني

                                              • Dest Suarez
                                                Dest Suarez  3 hours back

                                                Great song😍

                                                • Giftz B
                                                  Giftz B  3 hours back

                                                  Hey Atiny don't forget to continue to view the mv and this performance
                                                  this may be our final chance to get a win, so mass vote and at the end of the day, just try your best

                                                  Fighting atiny, Fighting ateez!

                                                  • REM
                                                    REM  3 hours back

                                                    Let’s get 8.5 before MCountdown!!!

                                                    • xgch gfg
                                                      xgch gfg  3 hours back


                                                      • AD9 S
                                                        AD9 S  3 hours back

                                                        8.066.000 😭

                                                        • Makayla Parker
                                                          Makayla Parker  3 hours back

                                                          This is my favorite second group because bts is at the top of my favorite kpop list but they are amazing love these guys

                                                          • MarQueisa James
                                                            MarQueisa James  3 hours back

                                                            idk ateez but the one in the blue sweater OWNS this song. his voice and charisma is powerful, just might become a stan

                                                            • Lu 852
                                                              Lu 852  2 hours back

                                                              His name is Mingi, he is the main rapper, and dancer ❤

                                                          • obbi liem
                                                            obbi liem  3 hours back

                                                            ATINY 10M 💃💃❤️❤️

                                                            • Brianna Quezada
                                                              Brianna Quezada  3 hours back

                                                              8 MILLION WOOO

                                                              • Nurul Hikma
                                                                Nurul Hikma  3 hours back

                                                                Im new atiny after im watch their mv

                                                                • Valen Ansaldo
                                                                  Valen Ansaldo  4 hours back

                                                                  Let's go for 10M🔥 atiny we can do this!!! 💕🌸🌸💖

                                                                  • Fani Nindya
                                                                    Fani Nindya  4 hours back

                                                                    u know i never know ateez but their song really catchy and now im listening to their musicc. niceee ateezz, love from army <3

                                                                    • Rain Bow
                                                                      Rain Bow  4 hours back

                                                                      Atiny did you know you can get stars by posting pics of Ateez on Starpass? That's how they are winning. Post pics and turn on the lock screen feature.

                                                                      • Makayla Long
                                                                        Makayla Long  4 hours back

                                                                        I heard Mississippi and very confused (I live there) cause I was reading the comments and had to go back and look at the lyrics 😂

                                                                        • Douglas fir
                                                                          Douglas fir  4 hours back

                                                                          2:57 Amazingly cute when Seonghwa jumps on Yeosang's back.

                                                                          • Nabby
                                                                            Nabby  4 hours back

                                                                            I need to know the name of the guy who said "kunbae~ kunbae~" it's important 😍

                                                                          • pink macroon
                                                                            pink macroon  4 hours back

                                                                            8million 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😭😭😭 congratulations ATEEZ fighting!!!?

                                                                            • Katia Ferreira Neves
                                                                              Katia Ferreira Neves  5 hours back

                                                                              I loved the video, very much.

                                                                              • Nour NUGA
                                                                                Nour NUGA  5 hours back


                                                                                • Lilly Polzin
                                                                                  Lilly Polzin  5 hours back

                                                                                  Why the hell does Mingi look 10x hotter than the other albums... AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH

                                                                                  • streαm kill this love
                                                                                    streαm kill this love  5 hours back

                                                                                    ❗️STR3AM STR3AM STR3AM❗️
                                                                                    we are less than 10 hours from possibly getting ateez their first win guys!

                                                                                    WAVE MV:

                                                                                    MNET CB STAGE:

                                                                                    • Michelle M.
                                                                                      Michelle M.  5 hours back

                                                                                      These boys are GOLDEN!!! They're awesome, everything from their vocals and rapping to their choreography and visuals. Nobody's got nothing on them!
                                                                                      I 💕 them so much!